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Singapore Online Shopping - SatinSHIMMERS


19 June
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  • satinshimmers@livejournal.com
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Ordering Information

How to Order
#1. Transfer for item first (Highly Recommended). Then go on to #4 (below).

#2. Or send us an email, with the subject as the item no + item name to satinshimmers@hotmail.com and we'll send you a payment invoice ASAP. Then go on to #4.
(eg, Subject: 1B - Elle's Toga Dress)

#3. Or leave a comment at http://satinshimmers.livejournal.com and await the payment invoice. Then go on to #4.

#4. AFTER payment, leave a comment or email the following details to us:

-IBank Nick/Place of transfer (ATM):
-Date and time of transaction:
-Amount transferred:
-Collection no and item no transferred for:
-Alternative choice if item is sold out:
-Account no & type:
-Mailing address:

#5. For multiple items, simply include all item no.
(eg, Subject: 1B, 1F, 2A)

#6. All items will be based on a first-come-first-pay system! So leave your emails fast, most of our items are limited!

#7. Before you order, please make sure that you have cleared all your doubts about the item including measurements, history.. etc, through the comments page. We'll try to get back to you asap!

Payment Information
1. Transfer payment to: POSB Savings 187134897

2. No concealed cash.

3. No meetups due to our busy schedules.

4. All prices are in SGD.

5. Prices stated may or may not include postage but will be stated in the post.

6. We are not responsible for any lost/damaged items.

7. No refunds are allowed. So please be sure about the item you are buying.

8. Please allow up to 3 working days for items to be sent out.

9. Prices are non-negotiable.

Postage Prices
1. Normal Mail:

-accessories: $1 per item

-clothes: $1.50 per item

-Prices of postage are not fixed due to differences in weight. Will be advised again in the email.

2. Registered Mail: additional charge of $2.24 to normal postage cost.


Side Notes

1. All mail will be packed using recycled paper so as to be environmentally-friendly. Vote Earth with us today!

2. If an item is pending, it means we're awaiting payment. But do leave your contacts still, if you're interested, in case the first deal falls through.

3. If an item is sold, it means it's gone! We might bring them back in lieu of overwhelming response though. So do comment for your favourite items!

4. We hope that you'll enjoy shopping at satinshimmers. :)

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